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  Max Upload Max Upload 2048MB Max Upload 2048MB  
  Disk Space Disk Space 500000 MB Unlimited  
  Download Limit Unmetered Unmetered  
  Download Speed Low Unlimted  
  Free Hot Linking 200 MB Bandwidth 2 GB Bandwidth  
  Maximum parallel downloads 1 Unlimited  
  FTP Upload  
  Remote Upload  
  Accelerator Support  
  Download Resume  
  Account Security  
  Downloads Delay  
  Download Captcha  
  When ur files deleted 30 days after last download Never Deleted  

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If you do not have an account ,a Username and Password will be sent to the email account you provide.This is an automatic process,once transaction is complete.
PriceValid for  
9.00 USD 30 days
25.00 USD 90 days
35.00 USD 180 days
55.00 USD 365 days
90.00 USD 730 days
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