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  • What is UserShare?

    UserShare is a file hosting provider. We offer online storage/remote backup capacity, sophisticated uploading and downloading tools.
    With UserShare you can host files, images, videos, audio and flash on the same place.

  • Why should I use UserShare?

    Whenever you need to send a file that is too large for e-mail, UserShare can help. If you need secure remote storage capacity for off-site backups, UserShare offers solutions for you. If you want to access personal data from a variety of computers and dont want to carry around a USB stick, UserShare is a perfect way of doing so.

  • Can I search for files other people uploaded?

    No, because not everyone wishes to share the files they upload with everyone else. This way UserShare can be used to share files with anyone you choose to, as well as keep it for yourself as a backup or to download from anywhere in the world.

  • What kind of files can be uploaded?

    All kinds: from your party photos to an important document. The only restrictions are for pornography, nudity, sexual images and any kind offensive material, and, of course, copyrighted material.
    Please refer to our TOS for more info on UserShare terms of service.

  • My account was hacked?

    You must keep your account information secure .If your account is hacked and payment address change and funds cashed out , we will try and recover the funds for you if the merchant allows a freeze of funds. If not, there is nothing further we can do to assist.

  • How to upload with FTP?

    ftp.usershare.net user: your usershare username pass: your usershare password .

  • How to delete a file I uploaded?

    To delete a file you uploaded you must use Delete Link that was provided to you after the upload proccess.
    If you lost your removal code you can simply wait until the file expires so it will be automatically removed from our site.

  • Can I hotlink the stuff I upload?

    Yes, HotLinking is allowed, you can do so by registering on our site and obtaining free trafficshare bandwidth. When that runs out, you will have to buy more to continue hotlinking.

  • I cannot open or play a downloaded file from usershare.net:

    It’s corrupt or I get asked for a password, a program to open the file with, or a missing “codec”? Please ask the person you received the file link from for details about the file format, required codecs or passwords. We have no way of finding them out for you.

  • May I have multiple accounts on usershare.net?

    We don’t allow multiple accounts for one user. If we found such an accounts they will be deleted.

  • How are downloads counted ?

    Downloads are counted from all user types when a file is completely downloaded.If a ip address downloads the same file more than once ,its counted only once,for any user type.If user (A) of any user type ,uploads 10 files and it is downloaded from one ip address of any user type, then user(A) is credited with having 10 downloads.

  • Do I still earn money when people download my hotlinked files?

    Yes, while hotlinked your downloads will be counted and money issued, but you will be able to see the traffic used by logging into your account and viewing available traffic.

  • Where can I see types of users and features they have?

    Please go here -> Features

  • I still have questions, what should I do?

    If you still have questions regarding our services don’t hesitate to contact us using our contact form.
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